How Losing Weight Affects Your Feet

If you've recently lost weight and your feet look and feel smaller than they used to be, it's not your imagination. A reduced amount of total body fat, in addition to a reduction in weight-related mechanical pressure of the foot, can cause the feet to narrow or shorten noticeably. Depending on how much weight you lose, your shoes may feel looser. The structure of the foot has not shrunk and the structure of the feet remains the same.

However, weight loss can lead to fat loss in the feet and reduce inflammation. Excess fat can cause swelling in the feet and both contribute to an increase in the size of the feet. Excess weight causes the tendons in the feet to swell. Weight loss helps relieve pain and inflammation in the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia, which in turn can alleviate several painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and Morton's neuroma.Gravity is not without its possible disadvantages either.

Weight affects how gravity is applied to our bodies, and our feet and ankles are at the bottom of the picture to hold it all. Depending on how much we weigh and how that weight is distributed, we are likely to suffer from chronic pain, overuse and recurrent injuries. MultiCare podiatrist Gregory Webb, DPM, FACFAS, spoke about weight and foot care in a recent bariatric surgery support group and explained that being overweight increases the risk of “wear and tear” problems of the feet, from tendonitis to arthritis and heel pain.For people who are overweight, the feet and ankles end up bearing the brunt of the load. So it's not surprising that people who are obese and overweight are at increased risk for conditions that cause foot and ankle problems.

That extra weight can make standing and walking uncomfortable and even painful. It even stretches and wears the connective tissue and fat pads of the feet.Being overweight changes gait and that can ruin the arches and tendons of the feet.

Losing weight

does not affect the bone structure of the foot, so its length remains the same. However, significant weight loss can cause the feet to lose some of their fat cover.

We know that obesity is related to increased stress on the feet.Studies indicate that even modest weight loss can significantly reduce pressure and tension in the lower limbs. Striving for a healthy weight can ease foot pain and prevent further damage and symptoms. Fat goes to the belly, arms, and if you gain weight, you will notice fat deposits on your feet. The extra weight may force you to walk in a way that is not ideal and makes your feet more vulnerable to injury.Subjecting your working feet to too much weight goes against how amazingly designed your feet are.

Spot training to lose weight only on the feet is not possible, but if you work to lose weight in general, you will eventually lose some fat on your feet. CBD oil and other weight-loss supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet with a calorie deficit and exercise. If you want to do cardiovascular exercise in your weight loss journey, you may need to work in conjunction with dietary changes.If you are diabetic with a chronic foot injury or other diabetic foot problem, have a foot deformity such as a bunion that is affecting the fit of the shoe, a toenail problem such as an ingrown toenail, or an injury or sprain to the foot or ankle, it's time to make an appointment with a podiatrist. Both conditions can affect the feet, especially diabetes, which damages the nerves, decreases circulation and puts the lower limbs at risk of infections and ulcers that, if left unnoticed and left untreated, may require prolonged recovery or even amputation.

Most people plan to buy a new wardrobe as their pants and shirts may become loose with weight loss but new shoes are something you might not expect. Obesity is also closely related to gout; excess weight prevents proper functioning of kidneys which leads to an accumulation of uric acid in body triggering painful gout attacks. Only 20-30 extra pounds of weight can cause serious problems for feet over time causing arch of foot to collapse.

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